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What does CES stand for and what will be the hottest products at CES 2017?


It's the biggest technology trade show in the world, giving us a glimpse into the incredible innovations and mind-boggling products of tomorrow.

As the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) prepares to mark its 50th anniversary, we look at what's in store for tech fans - and what highlights to expect from CES 2017.

What is CES 2017?

CES is an annual trade show organised by the Consumer Technology Association, featuring presentations of new products and innovations in the consumer electronics industry.

This year's show takes place from Thursday January 5 to Sunday January 8 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas, Nevada, US.

About 177,000 people are expected to take part in this year's show, which is the 50th installment of the annual expo.

What sort of products are shown at CES?

Since its launch in 1967, CES has been the place where some of our best-known gadgets were first announced, such as the video cassette recorder, CD players, camcorders, and the Microsoft XBox.

Although some tech giants such as Apple and Google run their own launch events, others including Samsung, Sony, LG and Panasonic attend every year to unveil TVs, home appliances and smartphones.

Car companies and internet giants such as Netflix and Amazon also attend.

And more and more start-ups have been attending in recent years, largely thanks to crowdfunding, presenting some of the most exciting and sensational products.


What new products will be on show at CES 2017?

Most of the best known tech giants will be at the expo, but many of the hottest and most exciting innovations comes from the hundreds of start-ups which attend.

Voice control virtual assistants such as Amazon's Alexa, Microsoft's Cortana and the Google assistant are one of the hottest areas in tech at the moment - something many companies are capitalising on Rumoured exhibits include a Cortana-powered toaster, and wireless earphones which link up to Alexa.

Austrian innovators Blitab have created a tablet described as an iPad for blind people, which produces small bubbles above its touchscreen to create Braille.

There's Fridgecam - which shows people when their food is about to go off in the fridge - and Wair, an internet-connected SCARF which doubles as an air filter.

Other items include a prototype smart belt for the elderly which triggers an airbag over their hips when they fall to prevent fractures.

And a similar device has been developed for skiiers to prevent injuries on the piste.

Health tech devices are one of the booming areas, from diagnostic tools to a watch-type device which keeps track of your blood alcohol level.

How can I get a ticket to CES 2017 and how much do they cost?

The expo isn't open to the general public, it's a trade-only event for the industry and guests must register to attend.

And conference passes aren't cheap. Regular passes, which give access to a selection of shows, are $900, while full deluxe passes are $1,700.

But there are a few free shows - called "tracks" - for those registered, which are first come first served.

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