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Wireless Earphones VS Headphones


Bluetooth earphones are more and more popular after Apple release the wireless earphone Airpods. Lots of kinds of TWS earbuds appears in the market, people have more choices except conventional headphones when they want to buy headphones.

Earphones (or earbuds, or in-ear headphones) offer a slightly different sound profile compared with conventional headphones. Generally, you'll get better sound from a full set of "cans" around your head than from buds in your ears, but in-ear sound quality has improved a great deal. More importantly, in-ear headphones are much more likely to be water resistant, and much better suited for use when working out. Get a good sweat going, and you'll turn your headphone earpads into a nasty mess.

Wireless earphones usually come with charging case, some of them even support wireless charging. The earbuds equipped with batteries and make it work last for a couple of hours, but the charging case has a larger capacity battery that is enough to charge the earbuds fully several times. They are portable and suitable for listening to music especially when go to gym or outdoor sports, you needn't worry about low power problem while having a full charged charging case. Generally, wireless earphones connect with the mobile phone or other devices through Bluetooth, before use them you need connect them first.


If you aren't primarily looking for a set of wireless earphones for the gym, conventional headphones can offer a very good listening experience. They are much simple compare to wireless earphone, they don't need to charge because of the cable. You'll still have to choose between on-ear and over-ear models, however. On-ear headphones rest the earcups against your ears, but don't surround them. Over-ear headphones completely enclose your ears. Over-ear headphones block out the most outside noise and usually provide a more powerful, rich sound, but on-ear headphones are less bulky and distracting to wear.

In a word, wireless earphones and conventional headphones have their own advantages and disadvantages. When you need to buy one of them but have no idea to choose, the first thing you need to conside is using occasions. If you like to listen to music while doing sports, there is no doubt to choose the wireless earphones. If you mostly listen to music through the computer, the conventional headphones are good choices.



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