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World's Smallest Bluetooth Earbuds Blow Past Kickstarter Goal


Enough of those bulky wireless headphones — a new Kickstarter project promises to deliver almost impossibly small Bluetooth earbuds in early 2015. All the company needs, of course, is some of your money. These tiny earbuds go by the name Earin, and they're roughly the same size as a standard earbud, but there are no wires.

Each earbud has a small 50mAh li-ion battery that should be good for 2.5-3 hours of playback time. That's not as long as some other wireless listening devices, but still pretty impressive for something that only weighs 5g. When in use, the left Earin is actually the one paired with your device. It then passes the right channel audio directly to the right bud. This is how Earin avoids having a cable passing between the left and right ear.


The creators say the key to Earin's performance is a balanced armature speaker system that is smaller and considerably more power efficient than standard speakers. The audio range is also improved compared to the earbuds you haul around. The main drawback is cost, but if you absolutely must have the smallest Bluetooth earbuds in the world, that's the price you pay.

The buds are charged in a small capsule that can be attached to your keyring. A USB cable plugs into the capsule, saving you from attaching a cable to the buds themselves. Interestingly, the capsule also has its own battery inside so you can charge up Earin on the go. There should be enough juice for one more full charge.

The Kickstarter campaign has already blown past its £179,000 goal with more than a month left. It's well over £300,000 at this point. You can get in on this for £119 ($201) — all the early bird deals are gone. The company says it expects to deliver the final product in January 2015.

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